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Tax Return – Have you done yours yet?

With the impending Tax Return deadline of 31st January getting closer by the day, have you done yours yet? If not, Dovetails can help. 

We understand doing a Tax Return can feel daunting, and it’s easier to put it off after a busy day in the office. In our office, we love nothing more than helping people just like you. Busy business owners and entrepreneurs, or with their side hustle making them a bit of extra money for Christmas or for summer holidays with the kids, people who don’t have much time available. Let our trained eye and talent for detail take that pressure away, Dovetails will do the legwork for you, leaving you free for the important things in life like the school nativity or late night Christmas shopping trips to get everything perfect for the big day. Or simply freeing you to spend time with family.

Accounts are our passion and we want to help you get it right.

What do we do?

At Dovetails, using our specialist HM Customs & Revenue approved software we can:

  • Check you’re paying the right amount of tax
  • Complete your tax return and
  • Calculate the amount of tax you owe
  • File the return online for you

To help us, you’ll need to give us things like business bank statements, receipt for purchases, sales records, payroll details for how much you’ve paid your staff, expenses information, and we’ll collate it all together for you so we can let you know when you need to pay the amount you owe.

As we race headlong towards December, don’t forget you won’t want to use any of your precious January income on an instant £100 fine if you miss the 31st January deadline.  Plus if you leave it until the last minute, you run the risk of rushing and making a mistake or being late and incurring a further £10 per day fine if you haven’t filed by 30th April.

An accountant is for life, not just for Christmas!

Whilst we’re always here to help you with your January tax return, don’t forget Dovetails can help you year-round with monthly tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services and much more besides. The core of our business is providing tax services, bookkeeping and accountancy services to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. We aim to make your finances as straight-forward and easy to understand as possible, while also being able to free up your time to spend on other areas of your business and ensuring that all compliance requirements are met.

Run your business on YOUR terms, get in touch today to start the conversation on 01925 909160 or by emailing

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